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7 Best Amazon Echo Features to Help You Lose Weight

Welcoming digitalization into our lives:

A few years ago, when there was a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence, a lot of us were on tenterhooks. What were we thinking exactly?

For one, I was still studying and in my wildest of imaginations, I could only see nothing short of an apocalypse. I thought digitalization at the swift rate that was happening meant everything would be taken over by machines and robots leaving men gaping at each other and then at them.

Of course, my imagination was rather wild J

So many years later and after two children after tedious procedures and a combination of not looking after self-means that I had not just put on a lot of weight but also that I had begun living a sedentary life. The lack of movement was telling because I used to find the smallest of chores to be herculean efforts and I saw read there.

That is when I signed up at and today I am right back on track. Here are eight different ways in which Amazon Echo helped me lose all my bulk:

  1. Alexa driven password and set your fitness goals in there will make sure that Alexa reminds you of your fitness commitment. Also, it can keep you motivated by counting and talking to you while you work out.
  2. Track your fitness milestones with Fitbit is now easy. All you need is to ask the command and Alexa which will have to be linked to your Fitbit and the household account would be more than happy to tell you how much you worked out, slept and how much you gained or lost.
  3. Sleep sound feature is awesome just like how it sounds. There is a drop down box of over fifty types of sounds and my favorite is that of a storm in the ocean which is amazingly relaxing.
  4. Sound sleep is rudimentarily essential for better performance and the Echo feature for meditation helps to lull the person into mindfulness and meditation pushing him into a relaxed state of mind and slowly into qualitative sleep.
  5. If you listen to Spotify or any other music accounts while working out, you can connect your echo account with it and listen to your kind of music that suits your workout for the day.
  6. Of course, Alexa can answer basic questions relating to food and nutrition. If you are tied between two things you can find out which has lesser calorific value and higher nutritional value too.
  7. Setting alarms and reminders for walks, hitting the gym or even drinking that mandatory protein shake can be set in Alexa making life so easy!
  8. Does writing checklist work for you? If yes, then you are in for luck. There are sophisticated lists to make sure all the details are in there and handy right when you need them.