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Here’s How Your Car Could Become Virtual Personal Assistant

Virtual assistants are now apart of our lives and these have entered every sphere of our lives. Your virtual assistants are not just restricted to Alexa or to your Facebook messenger. Today your car too can become your virtual assistant. Check out 247spares for more details.

The cars can offer you voice recognition and these can also interpret your facial expressions.

The cars are also enabled with voice tone. These understand your mood by the tone of your voice.

There is also research going on in microphones to improve the speech processing and which helps to reduce the effect of external noise and does not allow any disruptions.

Cars as your virtual assistant

The cars today know what you say and understand you. These will also is able to understand your emotions sometime without you letting them know how you feel.

Most of the new cars today will have voice recognition faculty enabled and will be able to pick up even the slightest of changes in your facial expression and changes in your voice tone.

These could assist you by playing the songs that you like to hear in a particular mood and know when you just want to enjoy some amount of silence. It could also change the interior lighting based on what your mood is.

Get your own virtual assistant and drive it everywhere

Your car now has the ability to cheer you up and offer you advice when you need it. It can alert you when you are on a long drive and also remember your anniversary and birthdays for you.

It is believed that cloud-based voice control will be in the market soon and the future cars will be able to shuffle any appointments or even order a take away when the driver is stuck up in a traffic jam.

The future cars will be able to make calls for you as well as adjust the sound of the noise as per your mood.