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8 Technologies to Shake Up Maritime in 2018

Last year there were huge changes in IT and digitalization in the maritime industry giving way to smart fleet management, ship emissions, digital currency and robotics & computer systems. Higher automation levels and process digitalization will affect everyday shipping operations this year. Here are the top 8 Technologies to Shake Up Maritime in 2018 that might have positive influence.

Industrial IoT

The Internet of Things technology is gaining popularity with shipping onboard machinery monitoring. This helps in predicting maintenance and performance management using high volume data analytics and deep learning computers to benefit liner operators.

Autonomous Surface Vessels

They were in developing stage last year but this year these vessels will be constructed to test and illustrate the unmanned vessel. This year sees the first ever commercial generation of autonomous unmanned ships to help onboard crew operations.

Augmented Reality

This year there is a possibility for first ever AR maritime application on commercial ship. These AR maritime apps were illustrated to deliver data from remote operating centers to end-users and on ship bridges too.

Artificial Intelligence

Although there are algorithms in place to help computers onboard ships to solve predictable issues, AI must be able to recognize image, vieo and audio for maritime security.


Due to growing use of digital currencies and other traded online money in circulation in mainstream maritime transactions there is also a growing need for blockchain process in order to be cyber safe.

Virtual Reality

VR helps in ship manufacture with designing, engineering process, piping, shipping interiors, electrical works and entertainment purposes and for demonstrating emergency situations to passengers.

Wearable Technology

There are advanced technologies for passengers and ship managers/ ship personnel to monitor their health giving sugar levels, heart rate, total steps, etc. on a real time basis. To check out such ships and buy luxury yacht is the best to find it online.


Although already available and used for filming, etc. by classified society they are yet to get steady for maritime applications. It is likely to happen in commercial drone – based surveys in 2018.