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Women and Technology: Why Don’t Girls Want to Be Geeks?

Technology is another area which was once considered to be male-dominated. When you talk about a programmer or a tech geek it is often a male character that is portrayed even in the popular media like books and movies. But the truth is that there has been a steady increase in the number of women in technology. In fact, in several countries, there are more women who graduate with some degree in technology than men. That being said, there is also a common notion that girls do not want to be geeks. This statement is not entirely true. But the small truth in it, the relatively lower count of women in the tech field could be due to the following reasons –

  1. Women prefer being in the creative field. Tech is definitely creative. But there are some portions in the field that are redundant. You are more likely to find women in the creative sectors in tech like the design.
  2. Women love human interactions whereas tech replaces or finds alternatives to actual face to face interactions.
  3. Men are ready to take risks which is very much important in tech while women are always inclined towards taking calculative risks only when required.

‘Necessity is the mother of inventions’ and women to act as a driving force behind the invention of most gadgets. We talk about security, convenience and lots more where women are also the major consumers of most of the gadgets. Women want to find the best designs from ysl cheap to the latest trendy accessories and this has resulted in the increase in the number of e-commerce sites. Women want to start trading even when they are busy with their responsibilities and there are online platforms to solve this issue. So women have always been kept as the focus when businesses think about consumer needs.…