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Five Top Tips to Improve Your Smart Home Security

Smart homes are no doubt convenient as it is possible to monitor your homes even when you are traveling but you will miss the icing on the cake if you do not take additional care of keeping hackers off your network. Yes, smart homes are vulnerable to hacker attacks but with these tips from yoursmarthomeguide, you can secure yourself from any cyber attacks on your home space.

  1. Have separate networks for separate devices: It is advisable to have your home PC on a network which is different from the one used for all other smart devices. This way even if one network is breached, which most often will be the other network, your PC will be safe because it will have its own firewall in place.
  2. Update Firmware: If you are so used to auto update in all of your smart devices it is time to know that not all devices update by default; you still need to do it manually. Do not overlook the update messages on your devices because they contain the latest security fixes for all recent malware and viruses.
  3. Regularly change passwords: Just like you change your online banking password every few months, it is important to change your router’s password and most importantly do not leave the default password or you are asking for trouble big time. Your password should be a mix of upper and lower case alphabets and special characters for more impenetrability.
  4. Activate multi-factor authentication: It is no more enough to have a strong password you must double secure your network by activating multi-factor authentication you ensure that every time there is a login you receive a code without which you cannot log in into your device.
  5. Good one antivirus: Have antivirus installed not just on your PC and laptop but also your smartphone. Some antivirus comes with additional firewalls.


The Ultimate Guide: Drafting and Design Technology

Drafting and design technology is very important for your building-Whether be it a home or office.  When you construct it initially in a manner you want you to save a lot of money.  There is absolutely no need to restructure, demolish and rebuild.  Here comes the ultimate guide for drafting and design technology:

  1. The design must be simple and satisfactory: To be impressive it is not necessary that the drafting and design should be complex.  It should be simple and satisfactory for the client.
  2. 2. It should be purpose-oriented: Before drafting and designing, it becomes necessary to know in detail the proposed use of the building.  Facts like which age group of people, which type of people would be using etc. is needed.  For example, a design which has too many stairs is not ideal for hospitals where elders and patients would not be required to strain much.  Instead, the provision for lifts and ramps should be more.
  3. It should be compatible: The design must offer scope for future expansion and alteration in such a way that the existing structure is not disturbed much.  A perfect Draft Force always offers such compatible designs.
  4. It should offer the right scope for fashion and utility: The design should have the right combination for fashion as well as utility.  Care should be taken that the exteriors, internal walls etc. have good scope for artistic design.  But utility should not be compromised by making the design attractive.
  5. 5. It should be space-effective: Draft and design should use given space without wastage.
  6. It should be safe: Design and draft should ensure the safety of inmates.
  7. Proper conception after discussing with the client: It should be formed after thorough discussion with clients.
  8. 8. Technological feasibility: The design should be technologically feasible.
  9. Improvement efforts: Even when the design is drafted in a satisfactory way, consistent efforts should be done for further improvement.  Only then the final outcome will be excellent.