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5Technologies You Absolutely Must Have For Better SEO

The SEO agency Glasgow puts emphasis on these five technologies that are a must have to better SEO for your website. For those who own websites, it is important to be on the top of the Google algorithm and these technologies are a must have for them.

Responsive to mobile

The searches today are more on mobiles than on desktops. The algorithm listed on the websites are mobile friendly in its search results. The websites that are non-mobile friendly were way below in the search engine. Mobilegeddon is the technology that lets you know if your website is mobile friendly.

Tools to analyze keywords

There is no SEO without keywords. The keywords are what guides the users to your site. The keyword tools provide you with data and you need to interpret them. There are suggestion tools that will create a list of keywords for you as per the suggestion.

Machine learning

This is an AI system which aids the search engine to interpret the search queries and provide results that are more relevant.RankBrain is the artificial intelligence system from Google. With this tool, there is no one way to get the SEO right. The tool looks at the results that are doing too well with the search. It looks at features that are common and finds these features on other pages.

Tools to check to rank

It is important to know where your site currently ranks. This lets you know which of the strategies for online marketing are working for you and maximizing ROI.

Voice search and virtual assistant

The virtual assistant was considered to be a fad and most of them started to use it to see how this technology actually worked. From the SEO viewpoint, the way people search through voice assistant is not similar to how they search using the keyboard. This means that they use more natural sentences here. So the next step is to make your website such that it can be spotted by the virtual assistants as well.