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Artificial Intelligence And Social Media: AI Transforming Marketing

Social media and artificial intelligence, both are an important part of marketing. Both are the most useful technologies when it comes to marketing and these are taking the place of the traditional ways of marketing like leaflet printing Glasgow, pamphlets and advertisements.

Artificial intelligence and social media is transforming marketing


Technology has impacted marketing in a big way and marketer should know how to adopt the latest technology to keep up to date with the latest in his field.

Social media marketing is today one of the best ways to market your business and if you are still not involved actively in those platforms then you definitely are losing on huge business.

Artificial intelligence, in fact, is affecting both the professional and personal lives. The artificial technology is improving rapidly and the business that does not adopt artificial intelligence is definitely missing out on its benefits.

Using AI and social media in marketing


Artificial intelligence is impacting technology and so is social media marketing.

Customer service of any company is impacted by the artificial intelligence and those who use social media activity will expect a reply to their complaints in less than an hour.

It is impossible that any human being can do this and be present to answer customer queries all through the day. This is where artificial intelligence comes into the picture and it helps to enhance the customer support.

Artificial intelligence is definitely enhancing how customer service is being handled but it is still not very competent to solve the problems of the customers.

A number of customers also want to send messages in the form of texts to the brand and do not prefer to call up the customer service. Many businesses are using artificial intelligence in order to prioritize the problems of their clients and this is also used in order to filter out any spams which save the support team a lot of time.