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How a Wearable Device Can Help You Train Your Dog

You might have seen some pet owners struggling with their pets and not being able to control them. Some pets bark a lot, pull at their leashes and it seems like they are controlling their humans rather than the other way around. This brings us to a crucial question, whether wearable devices are good for dogs?

There are many schools of thought. Some people believe in the carrot and stick method of training that involves positive and negative reinforcement using treats and punishments. Another extension of the same method involves using whistles and electric shocks to the dogs whenever they indulge in some negative behaviour. This shock treatment has left many dogs petrified for the rest of their lives or even maimed in extreme cases.

With advanced technology, many better and humane tools are available now. High frequency whistles and dog collars are the most well-known gadgets. Many dog trainers use these and some other easy techniques to control and train dogs. If started pretty early, when the pup is very young, then they can be easily trained to listen and obey to the commands of their human owners and follow them precisely.

New techniques involve dog collars that can be controlled using a smart phone and that too from a remote area. The best bark collars involve a small device attached to the collar of your pet. You can help the dog to calm down and this new technology does not involve any kind of shock therapy so your dog remains safe. This helps you train him using sound waves. You can also attach a camera to this collar. The camera can help you know about the dog’s activity during your absence and you can help to calm and train him through appropriate commands. This will also help you to find him if he disappears and you cannot find him.

Barking means they are trying to convey a message; loneliness, boredom, hunger or any other aspect may trigger this behaviour in your dog. These new devices aid in maintaining a calm dog, that is under your control and you can do all that using your smart phone or laptop from a remote location. Your dog is always safe with these tools.