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Top 8 Cool Tech Gadgets for Couples

The relationship between couples have reached new goals, will technology help them better it? There are no sure answers for it, as it depends upon many factors, and situations, the least we can do is, try technological invention and improve the quality of couple life.

  • silent alarm clock for couples who are hard of hearing is simple and has a wireless band that couples can wear in the tip of their finger, as the ring vibrates according to the alarm clock set
  • how about lighting up your pillow and listening to the heartbeat of your partner, while it sounds exciting, the ring is worn with sensors that trigger the sound, the pillow has a wire-free transmission signal from the smartphone app, that sends in the signals through the internet, and the speaker will play the heartbeat,

  • social media app, the couple is quite popular, you can send drawings, to do lists, organized to your better half and visit over at for the best live map locations to chat with
  • imagine waking up in the morning without disturbing your partner is quite a feat, the silent alarm clock is a vibrating watch with in-app that can track your sleeping patterns, the vibration changes so that you are not used to the same pattern, and also has a snooze in the facility
  • ideal for the couple on the go, the toast messenger is a great way to send in the messages that can be eaten alone, and also remember the to do
  • using the pulse pressure, the Taion Heart sends in the signals via Bluetooth to the partner who can sense the heartbeat and the heart-shaped gadgets blink in different colors according to different emotions
  • the patch of the sky gives out the kind of sky you are under and gives out thunder, lightning effects, through your location details from facebook
  • The narrative clip has a small camera that captures all your daily activities and let the partner view, this is not an ideal couple gadget, but is best for long distant relationships.