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Top Five Areas of Fintech That Are Attracting Investment

The top Fintech investment across the globe has been increasing exponentially in the last decade or so. We cannot ignore these companies anymore. People were wary of start-ups after the InfoTech bubble burst once and the recovery took some time. However, people are also very keen to be a part of this new revolution in the investment arena and are searching for the perfect company that will help them be the new age millionaires.

Here are our top picks that are really attracting investments, whether it is China or Asia or Europe and the Americas.

  1. Artificial Intelligence. The industry is on the verge of an exciting cusp of revolution. Voice-based recognition is already popular and people are working on developing better programs for how video identification can help remove fraud. Robots and AI will take over many jobs in diverse companies in the near future.
  2. After a few attempts of sophisticated bank thefts and one successful robbery of millions of dollars from a bank and attempts of cyber-attacks becoming real, Cybersecurity is the next big investment. All kinds of companies need to have a strategy to counter such attacks so the interest in such companies is going up
  3. Blockchain remains one of the favorites of financial investments.
  4. Insurance is also a big sector for Fintech. Insurance against data theft to financial plans preventing huge thefts and losses make this a popular investment option as it will continue to grow.
  5. A different option than these four given above is the emerging economy of Asia particularly China. It has become an attractive destination for many financial wizards as they have seen it grow at a sustainable rate and bring them profits.

With a push towards global businesses, and open banking and data sharing, a new culture of Fintech is emerging. Investors can easily join the bandwagon and carefully invest in the sectors mentioned above. The growth in these areas is going to be interesting to watch.